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FAQs - Communication, marketing and digital services for the Med Trails Network

1. What is the ‘teaser of network and it’s identity’ in deliverables considered to be?

A teaser video (maximum 1-minute) announcing the network’s creation, visual identity and key objectives. Video can be used in a variety of contexts, both on social networks and at events.
The video should be dynamic, using motion design and drone footage of the Lebanon Mountain Trail, Palestinian Heritage Trail and Jordan Trail. We can provide some images or ask our partners to provide some.
The video has to be in 3 languages.

2. What will flyers, leaflets, backdrops, roll-up and goodies design include? How many designs approximately?

We request ready-to-print :
– Flyers and leaflets to present the network with the visual identity-to-be and adapted narratives, pictures… : at least 1 template of each – numbers and content to be defined according to the needs of the project and budget
– Backdrops and roll-ups to use at our different events for the visibility of the network, as soon as June 2024 : at least 1 of each – numbers and exact formats to be defined according to the needs of the project and budget
– Visual identity to be declined and printed on goodies such as hats, bottles…: we just need the service provider to prepare the right formats to send to the printer (not actually manage the creation / printing of the goodies) – numbers and exact formats to be defined according to the needs of the project and budget

3. Will the Comms, content, marketing strategy and brand guidelines all be trilingual?

Yes. The translation and language declinations can be managed directly by the service provider, or subcontracted with the approval of the customer.

4. What are the terms of payment?

30% after the contract’s signature and 20% after each phase before starting the next one.

5. For the financial proposal, can we do our own or should we fill the provided ‘annex_3_financial_proposal_0’ only.

Yes, you can provide your own.

6. In the financial proposal – can we cost it according to hours per line item instead of as overall hours?

Yes, you can use your method.

7. Are we able to include costing in the technical proposal, or should they be kept separate? We usually supplement our costing slides with our process slides (and so will have a non-costed technical proposal and a costed commercial proposal). Can we submit a supplementary commercial proposal?

Yes, you can use your method.

8. Is it compulsory to use Elementor as a Page Builder ?

The use of Elementor is not mandatory, but will be greatly appreciated because this page builder is more widely used within the Med Trails Network.

9. How many pages approximately are you looking at for the website?

At least the following pages:
– a welcome page
– a news page
– “about us” presenting the project and network
– a presentation of each member page, with an interactive map
– a page for each Med Trails Network’s fields of intervention
– “contact us”
Exact formats and number of pages to be defined according to the project advancement and budget.

10. How many members are included in the network?

So far, 5 : AFRAT (France), Jordan Trail Association (JTA, Jordan), Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA, Lebanon), Palestinian Heritage Trail (PHT, Palestine), Tetraktys (France). The aim in the future months / years is to welcome more Mediterranean trail-related organizations in the network. The communication service should serve that objective.

11. Who will handle long term maintenance of the website following its live launch?

The “after care services” should help us manage this with the service provider for the first weeks. The website should be provided with a user-friendly backend for our Communication officer to be able to handle the maintenance afterwards. That’s why using Elementor will be greatly appreciated.

12. We assume that all corporate data will be provided to the agency in 3 languages

Yes, indeed.

13. Do you have a specific platform for the newsletter, such as Mailchimp, as well as subscription?

The Med Trails Network uses Brevo in its free version. The use of a paid version is not excluded if it becomes necessary.

14. How many brochures? What are the specs? How many words approximately?

We request one concise, accurate, and very visual flyer of presentation of the network + one leaflet slightly more detailed in terms of objectives, values, activities…(approx.. 750 words). Then, we request concept notes and/or templates and/or guidelines to be able then to subcontract or create our own tools (powerpoint, social networks posts, brochures, videos…) according to the future network’s brand guidebook.

15. Any OOH campaign planned?

No OOH campaigns are expected.

16. Phase 4: After care services contract: What does it entail?

A communication follow-up for the last weeks of the communication service in case of question, doubt, if any issue with the website…The “after care services” will enable us to become fully autonomous with the tools and strategy built all together. There is no need to plan many hours : only few email exchanges, 1 or 2 meetings, and 1 or 2 phone calls.

17. Can a new agency apply if its employees have more than 3 years’ experience?

A note per criteria will be given but do not hesitate to apply even though all the criteria are not reached: the overall quality of the application and the experience of each of the proposed team’s members will be analyzed and considered. If your organization is young but with experienced professionals and a robust application, you still have a good chance. The interviews will also enable us to assess the compatibility of the application with our requirements.

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